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Posted by horstrainir123 on August 4, 2007 at 7:16 PM

Hey everyone,

This past week I went to two different auctions in different towns near Louisville. Horses were going for ridiculous prices. There were yearlings and weanlings that were bringing $20. Yeah that's right $20!!! There were donkeys that didn't sell at $15 a piece!!!!!

Why is this happening? My thoughts on this are that people who breed grade animals to try to make a buck need to smarten up. This needs to happen for the animals sake. There are too many horses out there and not enough owners. Most horses owners have more than one horse and I have seen(been one of) many that take one or two from a auction and give it a home, when they really don't need another horse. These are healthy animals that have long lifespans! People don't realize this. It is heartbreaking to me to have to sit and watch that happen. It took everything in my being to not purchase one of those animals needing a home.

I have more than enough. Even for someone in the business. I have 11 of my own. People need to take responsibility for horses they breed. I am for a program that has horse breeder's have a certificate and regulatory body that looks out for the horse's interest. To make it harder to breed and less likely to breed animals that can't find homes.

Anyone who wants to chat with me on this subject please feel free to comment here or e-mail me.






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Reply sacredwindwalker
3:05 PM on September 16, 2007 
<b></b><span style="color:darkblue;"></span><span style="font-size:12px"></span>I agree about the horse sale prices. It's pitiful when you see someone whom you know (that has no clue about taking care of a horse) purchases a nice horse and then takes it home and not feed it. Some people are just ignorant of the fact that these horses can't live on a dirt diet. Yeah, I'm sure they'll eat ok up to the 1st freeze/snowfall if there in a pasture but what happens to them after that. I bet the owners don't miss a meal! Meanwhile, the poor horse (s) are standing outside their window looking in at them wondering-where's my groceries? <br>It's just plain sad that any horse would have to go thru that (reg or unreg) hunger pains don't go away. On top of that, what about the vet bills! What about the farrier bills. The saying goes "no hoof no horse" is true. Some of the folks purchasing a horse (s) these days can't even afford to pay their own deductibles much less a vet visit. The price is even higher if you don't have a horsetrailer to get them there and the vet has to come to your place. People just don't realize what it takes to feed and care for a horse these days. Some people are so proud, they won't turn around and sell a horse for nothing because they can't take care of it. I feel that if someone else can take care of it better, sell it cheaper to that person for the horse's sake. Don't hang on to it thinking the prices are going up again. Horses are not like cars and 4-wheelers, they depreciate daily if not fed. a 4-wheeler can sit in the backyard and you don't have any out-of-pocket expense to keep it except for maybe a tarp to keep it from rusting. People, if you don't know anything about caring for a horse, don't get one just because it's pretty or just because you've always wanted the right thing! <br>Thanks, <br>Crystal
Reply sixhorsessaved
8:37 PM on September 28, 2007 
We couldn't agree more. We're working on the tough end of that trail....what happens when people decide they no longer want that starving or ill horse anymore. We're advocates for proper care, proper humane ethanasia, the end of slaughter in this country and Mexico and Canada, and the education of people about the emotional beauty of equines.