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Posted by horstrainir123 on July 22, 2007 at 10:49 AM

I decided to try to keep a blog on this site about current riding problems my students might be encoutering, or current isssues within the horse business.I would hope that visitors to this site, or students would gain some insight about their current riding problems through these blogs, as well as sharing information for all to see.

In my years of teaching I have noticed there is a major issue with fear and all the effects it has on riders. In my opinion, some fear of riding is healthy and can keep you sharp enough, in the saddle, to recognize problems and work on them in a constructive manner.But when a rider reaches a point of not being able to relax in the saddle, for fear of falling etc, it becomes a hazardous situation and creates less than ideal conditions for excelling in your riding endeavours.

My feeling is that when you decide to become a rider and participate in equestrian sports you accept the risks involved voluntarily. You can however work on your fears through lessons and small, progressive steps. Horses respond to our body langauage and can feel our tension, they can feel our anger, they can feel our relaxation. Horses are very emotional animals and respond to us by what our bodies send to them. So controlling our fears is essential to have a rewarding riding experience.

Basically our fears are brought on by not knowing how our equine friends will respond to our requests. They are much bigger than us, along with being much stronger. Rationalizing fears, and mentally preparing yourself, I feel will encourage a good riding experience.Being able to rationalize our fears and be around horses in a safe manner requires us to have a working knowledge of horse behavior and training techniques.I feel it is the duty of each riding student to learn as much as possible about our wonderful equine partners and continue acquiring knowledge to help control our fears once in the saddle.

This blog is a brief overview of  fears and suggestions for taming them while in the saddle. More in depth techniques for controlling fear will follow. In the mean time any suggestions, or topics you might want to see discussed, please feel free to comment about an I will do my best to offer some suggestions.

*Disclaimer* I am only offering brief overviews. It is impossible to offer suggestions for individualized needs through a blog. Rodden Equine will not be responsible for any accidents, through use of these techniques. If not sure of how to proceed in  techniques please get a professional's help.

Also no reproduction of this material is allowed without the express approval of Rodden Equine.

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8:49 PM on August 12, 2007 
This totally applies to me!!!! I've worked through all of it, I'm ready to Jump! We have a lot to do before Sep. 1!!!!